In the field of measurement of mechanical quantities using electronic sensors, we supply Strain Gauges (Conventional Resistance Type, Vibrating Wire Type, Fibre Optic based, Solid State Types), Load Cells, Pressure Cells, LVDTs, Position Sensors, Accelerometers, Tilt Monitoring, Crack Monitoring etc.. Based on Vibrating Wire Type Strain Gauges, all other kind of Transducers such as Load Cells / Pressure Cells / Displacement Sensors / Crack Meters / Tilt Sensors / Extensometers etc. are made in different configurations for monitoring tall and big structures like DAMs, Tunnels, Tall Buildings / Towers, Embankments, Settlements, Deep Excavations, Piles, Cracks for new constructions as well as. For Retro-fitting, Mines, Slope management